Portfolio of websites by Soon Van

Most of my web development is done with PHP & MySQL. It all started back in 2005 on-site and continues, switching to remote work since 2008.

Larger thumbnails are sites I've designed. Smaller thumbnails are sites I've worked on for other studios. Front or backend, I work on both sides.

Links removed for sites that are no longer online, or no longer run the code I originally deployed.

Move to Lexington, Kentucky

Move to Lexington, KY

Using datasets from Open Data Lexington, having converted the KML files into JSON, this webapp plots various libraries, fault lines, bike trails and other community related locations over a Google Maps overlay.

The idea is to help those wanting to move to Lexington, Kentucky, find out where certain government tracked/owned properties and concerns are located that may help decide what neighbourhood to settle down into.

Or at least find a place that isn't going to fall into a sinkhole when a quake tremor passes through.

Google Maps API, HTML5, JSON, JavaScript, jQuery, open data

Seajay Industries

Seajay Industries

Simple one page website for a manufacturer and marketer of disinfectants and detergents for the poultry, turkey & duck industries.

Other than using Google Fonts API for the headings, this is a stripped back use of HTML and CSS.

Breakpoint starts at roughly a tablet width where the site continues to look decent and readable down to smartphone and smaller mobile devices.

HTML, CSS, layout design

Xenex Media

These websites developed for Xenex Media range from Loaded Commerce shopping carts to those using a custom CMS built on top of Kohana MVC. The selection here is only part of the 20+ osCommerce sites and 10+ Kohana builds I've worked on doing anything from minor modules and tweaks to whole feature additions. No design work involved beyond those for mobile responsive templates.

Cake 2 The Rescue

Cake 2 The RescueCake 2 The Rescue on mobile

Created new modules from scratch such as:

  • modular front page features
  • shipping modules: picking the best box size to ship items; customer specified delivery notes in addition to comments
  • admin reports for quicker delivery processing

Rewrote table-based design template to be responsive, but only for two main break points, wide desktop and mobile. It was then taken as a base template and re-used for 10+ other osCommerce sites.

Responsive web design, PHP, Loaded Commerce/osCommerce



Enrolment process that allows students to see what courses are on offer and sign-up, with admin tracking their student numbers per class and session.

Integrated with PayWay payments API allowing the student to either defer payment, or pay instantly with credit card.

Custom CMS built on Kohana MVC after a supplied design.

Kohana MVC, PayWay API, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL

Spring Spa Wear

Spring Spa Wear

Extend osCommerce to allow user to select the type of fabric, colour and size per catalogue item.

As the customer selects between the attributes the page updates and checks what combinations are valid given the selection. Combos like which colours are available in a certain size, fabric types only available in certain colours, etc.

The module allows admin to track these combinations per product under fine grain stock levels. Normally they would be all grouped under the same product.

PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, Loaded Commerce/osCommerce

The Property Calculator

The Property Calculator

Built front-to-backend on top of Kohana MVC after a supplied design.

Calculator shows estimated return of investment, what your likely profit or loss is renting out a property, and pulls up relevant listings that match the entered details.

CMS allows admin to quickly add a gallery for a property, all its specs and accept enquiries of interest on the property listings.

PHP, MySQL, Kohana MVC, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS

Bond University Law Students' Association

Bond LSA for Xenex Media

Features a photo gallery, events calendar and a job listings and application module.

Content management system built front-to-backend on top of Kohana MVC after a supplied design.


Southern Diamond Tools

Southern Diamond Tools

Rewrite pages to allow admin to group like products together to appear as sub-products. Each item with its own item code and stock level.

On-page calculator shows sub-total before customer confirms adding all the desired items to their cart.

When the products are not to be grouped the page layout reverts back to a normal category listing.

Modify an existing SEO URLs module to work with these new page types to keep the product name in the URL and allow correct breadcrumb navigation cues.

PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, Loaded Commerce/osCommerce

Grand Central Cellars

Grand Central Cellars for Xenex Media

Extend a quick shop module where the customer can pick quantities across many products and add them to their cart in one action.

Updated to show customer the price per product chosen as well as sub-total of all products picked from the page.

Prices also change depending on how many products are in the shopping cart. If they have six or more eligible items, their respective prices will be discounted and be reflected in the on-the-fly calculation and sub-totals.

PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, Loaded Commerce/osCommerce

Procon Telematics


Features a calculator to work out the return on investment for a general transport fleet or specific fringe benefits tax.

Built front-to-backend on top of Kohana MVC after a supplied design.

Kohana MVC, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL

Little Hills of Kentucky Animal Rescue, Inc.

Little Hills of Kentucky Animal Rescue, Inc.

No-kill animal rescue shelter located in Albany, Kentucky. The 501(c)(3) non-profit organisation handles the surrounding three counties of Clinton, Cumberland and Wayne.

Allows people from the region to see what's going on and how they too can lend their support or volunteer in helping the pets get a second leash on life.

Work includes setting up Google Apps for the email and calendar for public events and contact management. Making use of Trello to keep the volunteers up-to-date on what is happening with current projects and stages of fundraisers.

Hooks into the Petfinder API in order to show the latest adoptable pets from the shelter.

Kohana MVC, Petfinder API, Google Apps, web design, content management

Crack a Spine

Crack a Spine

Book reviews blog with a single-user CMS built on Laravel 4.

Original hand-drawn site design. Scanned and cleaned up in Photoshop, using line fades and overlays to create a softer sketch type look.

Converted the previous version which was running on Kohana HMVC framework.

Laravel 4, PHP, HTML, CSS, web design

The Wax Conspiracy

The Wax Conspiracy

Designed and developed from the ground up. Makes use of a multi-user content management system written in PHP & MySQL.

Includes a modular ad rotator that pulls relevant ads based on article being read.

Tag system created suggests other articles and reviews as possibly related reading based on tag frequency and use.

Responsive web design accounts for smaller width screens.

Occasionally refactored in lulls between projects and a testing bed for new programming and experiments.

PHP, HTML5, CSS, MySQL, responsive web design, content management, copy editing

Create Studios

On freelance assignments with Create Studios, most of the work involved getting into and modding out osCommerce shopping cart sites. No web design on my part beyond making sure theming was consistent in parts.

Handband and Handband News

Handband News

Installing and configuring various shopping cart modules as well as minor copy writing of the summary product page.

After a hiatus abroad, came back a year later to help with the layout of, and later code, the country switching methods and functions in completing the first stage of an internalisation project already in progress.

Skinning the news section of the store running on WordPress based on a supplied design. Look and feel of the template was to carry over the branding and style of the shopping cart section of the site.

Slicing Photoshop design, osCommerce, WordPress, PHP, copy writing

Medibands - Medical Awareness Bracelets

Medibands for Create Studios

Skinning an osCommerce shopping cart with artwork supplied.

Extending shopping cart modules as well as helping to complete and refine some of the inner workings of internalisation project that carried over from the Handband site.

Slicing Photoshop design, osCommerce

Kerrie Gentle - Makeup Artist

Kerrie Gentle

Slicing supplied Photoshop mock-ups into a WordPress template.

Makes use of the open-source blogging platform as a content management system to allow client to update pages as and when they see fit.

Use of the font replacement plug-in allows the site to display headings and text with type outside limited web-safe set.

Slicing Photoshop design, WordPress