Projects and code samples

Move to Lexington, KY

Plotting JSON datasets from Open Data Lexington and using the Google Maps API to show
relevant points of interest for anyone thinking of moving to Lexington, Kentucky.


Ruby script that will scan a directory of photos and rename filenames to prepend the datestamp of when the photo was taken, based on the available EXIF data.

Flask Skeleton

Scaffold of files used to generate a simple portfolio site using Python Flask framework.

Sugar Gobot

Go script to quickly load Accounts, Contacts into SugarCRM instance. Optionally creates relationships between the two modules.

Contributions to other projects


Ruby on Rails blogware - Documentation, Ruby on Rails, rspec


Classifieds site software - PHP, documentation

Git Reference

Plain English tips and guides to start using Git for your version control habits.


Upgrading to CRE Loaded 6.4

Checklist of notes on the unfortunate task of when upgrading to CRE Loaded version 6.4 just doesn't go all the way.

WAMP set up and configuration tips

Article written in the yore of 2003~2005 with simple reminder tips and tricks on setting up a local development environment for WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP)

Mycroft Project: Search Engine Plugins

Contributions to the search engine plugin for Firefox, IE7 and other OpenSearch capable browsers. Basically nothing more than picking out the GET search queries of websites and cataloguing them for others to use/search in future.